Sleepik «Fawn»

  • 100% cotton, including pillow
  • detachable contour zipper
  • removable blanket
  • removable pillow filler (except S)
  • waterproof storage and carrying case
  • ties for folding it into a roll
  • handmade work

Sleepik® is а unique interactive portable "bedding-pet" for kids in form of different animals. It is a 6-in-1 sleeping set (а mattress, а blanket, а pillow, bed linen, а sleeping bag and a toy for sleep in one product), which can be used both: as bed linen in the regular bed or as a mobile bed – sleeping bag (as a carry cot-sleeping bag combination).

The product is hand-made from 100% cotton with decorative fleece elements. The internal insulation in the mattress, blanket and pillow is made from a special synthetic material suitable not only for children and adults, but even for babies. A detachable zipper runs around the edge of the blanket, allowing you to completely unfasten it from the mattress. The pillow filler is removable. A Sleepik® can be rolled up and tied with special ties.

Sleepik® is a fun and portable sleeping kit

Sleepik® is a very hygienic, portable 6-in-1 bed that solves several problems connected to infants' sleep at once:
  • Sleepik® can be used in beds as a bed set (mattress + blanket + pillow + bed linen + toy to sleep), and sleeping bag where You need it: you can sleep on the floor, in a tent, at the cottage, at grandmother's, in the woods, outdoors, etc
  • Thanks to its zipper, the Sleepik®'s blanket will never get displaced, so the child will always be warm and never freeze at night and parents will not need to get up at night to check that their infant is sleeping correctly
  • Your child will happily get used to sleeping alone, and this allows parents to get enough sleep too
  • Sleepik® perfectly withstand weekly washing and hygienically it has an advantage over ordinary bed linen
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